Smoglower is the final evolved form of Mistalk and Fogleaf. It is Grass and Ghost type.

It is known as the Smog Devil pokémon.


Smoglower is an amalgamation of 'smog', 'flower', and 'glower'.


Smoglower is the final evolved form of Mistalk and Fogleaf via age evolution.


Smoglower are the dominant pokémon on Smoglower Ridge. While its previous evolved forms, Mistalk and Fogleaf, are favoured and loved by the people of The Mistalk Stockade, Smoglower is feared and hated.

Blood and Fire Version LocationsEdit

They can not be found in the wild in the games.

Notebook EntriesEdit

"It chokes its prey with clouds of ash and smog. When its victim passes out, it begins to eat."

"It does not take many Smoglower to cover an entire village in smog. This is almost a monthly occurrence at the Stockade."

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