Seawhalon is the fully evolved form of Narwhison and Sealoceros. It is a Water and Electric type.

It is known as the Twisted Tooth pokémon.


Seawhalon is an amalgamation of 'sea', 'seal', 'narwhal', 'whale', and 'sea lion', though only a few of these elements are obvious.


Seawhalon evolves from Sealoceros.


Blood and Fire Version LocationsEdit

They can not be found in the wild in the games.

Notebook PageEdit


"In storms, Seawhalon jump high out of the waves and catch lightning strikes on their horns."

"It is said to be able to swim at a speed of 85 miles per hour when charged."

"They breed only with the partner they meet as a Sealoceros. If they met no partner, they stay single for their entire life."