The Evera Region

Introductions, Introductions!Edit

Pokémon Blood and Fire Versions are a matching pair of Pokémon fan-games being developed and made with RPG Maker XP by Jon James Landers (aka cruciFICTION, aka Skilbehou).

Blood and Fire centre around a plot of political intrigue, war, nature, salvation, and corruption, and the pokémon adventures of several young trainers who are drawn into a world that is so much bigger than they originally believed.

Plot SynopsisEdit

In the year leading up to the Blood War, three great leaders rise up in the Evera region. There is Bendegit, who travels the land, preaching salvation of humanity. There is Galed, who raises the Low Blood Army, who say they wish to find the corrupted husk of Chelrupt and consume it in order to remove temptation from humanity. Finally, there is Exodus, who leads the High Blood Army, who wish to cleanse Evera of humanity's scourge.

The year that the Blood War begins, Bran and his childhood friend Carys are getting ready to leave on their very own pokémon adventures. It is the day of the Homecoming Festival, and Bran's sister Fran and Carys's brother Cadell have returned from their own pokémon adventures for the last week of winter. On this day, region-wide, young trainers are provided with pokémon by returning trainers, and they set off with a whole week's headstart on the pokémon battling season, and Bran and Carys are no different. They are given the choice of one pokémon each out of Mistalk, the Mist Devil pokémon, Flamolt, the Molten pokémon, and Narwhison, the Mink pokémon.

Bran and Carys leave their home of Est Village, which lies on the side of Mount Evera, together but soon part ways. It does not take long for the world to swallow the pair of them, however, as the great Blood War begins with the High Blood Army and Low Blood Army declaring war on each other. As Bran is slowly drawn into the history of the region, Carys is drawn to the forefront of attention alongside a preacher who goes by the name of Bendegit. Alongside him, she preaches love and salvation, and is disappointed in Bran for continuing to fight.

Meanwhile, their very siblings, Fran and Cadell, who grew up together, are drawn to opposing sides in the war, eventually fighting against Bran himself.

Will Evera find its salvation, its corruption, or its end?

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