The Blood War was the first war in the entire history of the Evera region.

The Lead-UpEdit


In the year leading up to the Blood War, a man named Galed began to travel the Evera region. He gained support as he spoke of the salvation of humanity by the removal of its temptation and its corruption.

A cult following grew around him, calling themselves the Blood Army, as it was their eventual goal to find the legendary pokémon Chelrupt and drink his corrupted blood dry, thereby removing the corruption and temptation.


Following the rise of the Blood Army, a trainer calling himself Exodus also rose up, and with him, a cult following of those who believed that the key to curing the mighty Skilbehou was to leave in a mass exodus until such a time as Skilbehou saw fit to invite a select few back.

They called themselves the High Blood Army in an effort to be seen as higher than the lowly Blood Army, for they worshiped the blood of an uncorrupted Skilbehou, which was their goal.

As such, Exodus found he could not convince much of the population to leave. The High Blood Army turned to acts of terrorism in an effort to force people to flee.


Bendegit was a third trainer important in the events leading up to the Blood War. He travelled Evera without any followers, preaching the salvation of humanity through love and tolerance, and a minimalist lifestyle.

The Declaration of WarEdit

After the rise of the High Blood Army, Galed led his soldiers towards a method of finding the location of Chelrupt.

This was not met well by Exodus, who finally declared war just three weeks after young Bran set off on his pokémon adventure.